3 Tips When Buying Wholesale Fabric

Are you in the business of sewing, and need fabric in bulk? Then, check out this three tips to make every penny count.

Are you planning to buy fabric in bulk? Then, don’t perceive that it is a straightforward ask, just have to walk into a clothing mall located within your vicinity and make the purchase. Instead, there are a number of things you need to take care of, specifically, if you buying it for business purposes. Wholesale fabric
Here we’ve listed top three tips when buying wholesale fabric, so follow them, not only to get premium quality, also to save some extra dollars.

  1. Pick Your Fabric
    wholesale fabic

Before getting into a fabric wholesale outlet, you need to decide on kind of fabric you are seeking, whether it is the voile fabric, linen, cotton, or the wool fabric. Also, have a general idea in your mind, how much you require. This makes sure you don’t become a victim of lack of knowledge, as the sales guy at the mall dares to cheat you.

  1. Do a Bit of Research

 Before initiating a purchase, do your homework, check the reviews and ratings presented by the previous clients to your prospective wholesale fabric seller. A seller with a good score more often than not will prove to be the right pick. Not just price wise, you will definitely get the best quality material that will cater your needs and expectations.

  1. Know the Prices


It never a wise etiquette to hit the market without having an approx idea of pricing of the product they are looking to buy. Therefore, get a general idea about the pricing of a range of fabric type you going to buy. For this, you can surf the Internet or consult your friends or relatives, who frequently buy fabrics. This will allow you to make big negotiation with the seller. Because, agree or not, retailers, irrespective of their business domain, fix the selling price slightly higher than the actual price.

At the End of It All

Always keep in mind, the cheapest product is not always the worst thing to buy, and the most expensive thing doesn’t guarantee of being the no.1. So, weigh the price and quality facets carefully, to get full value for your money.


What Perks Does a Chair Cover Give You?

Be it a birthday bash or your D-day, interior decoration is something that is a must in any occasion. Whether the party is in your backyard garden or in a lavish hotel hall, perfectly decorated ambiance is always required to add starts your party interior. And for this, tablecloths and graceful chair covers are the biggest necessity.

chair cover

For today, we’ll discuss why and how chair covers make interior decoration easier & elegant at the same time.

  1. It’s quite easy- Draping chairs with sumptuous covers is not any rocket science that you may be proficient in. it’s quite easy & doesn’t even consume much of your time. Chair
  2. Cost-effective- As it comes to the interior decorations, it won’t cost you much. Even it may be the least priced facility you’ll get in your interior decoration package. Instead of getting your own chair covers, it is always better to go for renting it through any event management agency. prestige home page
  3. Easy cleaning & maintenance- If it’s a birthday celebration then stains of spilled coke or snacks may be quite common, as kids don’t promote hygiene as adults. But in that case, table or chair covers can be easily cleaned & maintained because most of them are made with satin fabric which is quite easy to clean, dry or iron. CAT_HEAD_AISLERUNNER
  4. Easily available- Now for this, you can contact any event management company that may be looking into your other interior decorations. These are easily available in multiple colors, patterns or designs to brace the look & feel of your parties. Map
  5. Add grace to décor- To experience this, you need to try this on your own first, only then you can feel the difference between the both (chairs with covers & without covers). As per renowned interior designers, it is the best & easiest thing you could do to improve the overall party look. CAT_HEAD_CHAIRSLEEVES
  6. No storage issues- At the end of the day, these table or chair covers are only a piece of cloth which can be easily stored in any corner of your home. So, don’t worry much about its storage. CAT_HEAD_CHAIRBANDS11
  7. Brings uniformity- If you have planned for a theme party, then it’s even better to get a similar look.

So, the next time you go for a throwing a party, don’t forget to dress up your chair perfectly.


Party Backdrops-How They Can Make or Break Your Event?

Starting with providing a perfect visual scenery for any subject to be photographed, the party backdrops, have an assortment of benefits for ever occasion. More often than not, the voile backdrop is the first thing anyone entering the venue notice, and there decide whether the party is a mega celebration or just a party.

event linens

The backdrops, they set the right tone for a scene, like, the golden, royal ones are the go-to option for wedding get together. Whereas, a flowering deigns satin backdrop is perfect for a spring gala.

What’s more, there are always certain spots in a venue, which you wish to hide, and the event backdrops do exactly that; and that too in style.


The event backdrops are the most the cost-effective solutions to set the desired scene or to convey a message in no time. Nowadays, the backdrops, are available in a variety of choices, such as the voile backdrop and satin backdrop, you can pick something within your budget.

Shop Online


Nowadays, the Intenet is the no.1 the place to shop, anything to everything, right from daily essentials to party stuff like the backdrops. With the amount of competition out there, you are bound to get deal and discount on your every purchase.

But, what’s more important, you have the freedom to browse through thousands of products, before making a purchase.

Buy According to the Theme of the Party


Whether shopping for a voile backdrop or the satin backdrop, make sure you don’t get something conflicting the theme of your party decor. The colour scheme of the backdrop should seamlessly mingle with the surrounding, and not look odd. You can also take the professional help a party designer for the same.

At the end, why think, thought, go online, and buy stuff to make your next event memorable.

Buy or Rent Wedding Linens- Let’s Slove His Dilemma Wholesale fabric, Wedding linens

Undoubtedly, wedding is a special phase in everyone’s life-, for both men and women. Thereby, we all are ready to pour in dollars and pounds like water to live this time to the fullest and make every moment memorable.


However, when it comes to hosting a massive social gather on the wedding eve, many of us make certain costly mistakes. Starting from contracting a decorator, who knows who to burn a hole in his or her client’s pocket in the name of world-class experiences, inviting just about anyone to the wedding celebration, to spending hundreds of dollars on unseasonal flowers.

Are you in a dilemma, whether to buy or rent linen for your wedding? Then, read until the end as here we with help you out with making the right decision:

The size and the magnitude of your celebration will define what kind and how much of wedding linens you will require.
event linens
Well, renting wedding linens are convenient, just place a call to a renting company, and your package will be at your place within hours. But, remember, that this convenience comes at a premium as you need to pay a fee for this. Whereas, when buying a wedding line, you don’t have to pay such charges, and most of the eCommerce portals don’t ask for shipping or delivery charges.

With buying, you have the added perk of having the access to a wide variety of designs and shapes. You can browse through ‘n’ number of eCommerce portals and order something, which is in line with the decor of your celebration. Instead, packing something from three to four choices from renting company.
Wrapping up, whether you are shopping for wholesale fabric or linens for your wedding, make sure you buy from a trusted sites, selling authentic stuff. And, having a good reputation online.

Tips to Find the Right Seller of Wholesale Fabric

Undoubtedly, the fabric industry in the last one decade or so has become one of the most of the profitable textile sectors, thanks to its spectrum of applications. There are a number of places where the fabric is being utilized widely, right from workplaces to the hospitality industry, or household use. The reason being, the fabric has acquired a space in the hearts of people across nations, by virtue of its cost exquisite sensation it lender to its owner.
Here, in this post, we take a dig at some of the tips to follow when searching for a right seller for wholesale fabric:


A Reliable Seller

Irrespective of your objective of buying fabric in bulk, it is an absolute fundamental to find a reputed seller in the market. This will not only ensure the best price, also a premium quality for your desired application. You can check the credibility of your  prospective seller by surfing the Internet for credible customer reviews sites for rating and feedback. This way, you can make out whether your potential wholesale fabric seller is the right decision or not.

Wholesale fabric

Money Back Guarantee

With the ever-increasing competition, the money back guarantee has become the new marketing trend, where shop owners promise to give back your money within a time frame if you don’t like the quality of the product. So, don’t feel timid to ask your wholesaler, whether he or she also has such policy. It doesn’t matter, if the seller doesn’t follow this practice, but it’s great to find one.

Compare and buy

Never buy from the first online or offline shop you come across, do your research work on the pricing part, and then choose a seller, whose quality and prices are both on the same track.

If you follow the above three tips, you can go  on to make your money count for the fabric investment.